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Welcome to The Global Knomad.  This is really a pet project and a passion.  I hope it finds its own place on the internet and that it provides some useful information, ideas and inspiration for all of you out there that love the same things I do: travel, experience, shopping, and living life to the fullest.  I spend so much time on the road and in the air with my profession that I thought I might as well start documenting where I go, what I do and see, and most importantly (okay, maybe no so important), what I find that’s amazing and what I actually buy!

This site is privately held and privately operated in the United States of America. All copyright and trademarks are property of their respective owners and are afforded all due respect and notification.

We own all the items that are listed for sale however we are not agents of, nor for,  any of the brands we sell. This is a private, mostly second-hand business operated privately as a Corporation.

Any deals negotiated between The Global Knomad and it’s customers are private business transactions and are held in confidence to protect our customers privacy and security. We do not collect personal information nor do we accept credit cards via this site in any manner. Payment is generally made by Bank Transfer or, in some cases, using online payment providers. Please contact us should you require more information or direction.

Further, we always keep our word and deliver as promised. We expect our customers to do the same. This way, everybody is happy and there is no confusion. Please let us know how we can help. Thank you!

The Global Knomad.

The Fine Print:

Returns: Returns are not accepted except in the case of misrepresentation or material defect. We inspect all items carefully prior to shipping to insure that problems do not arise. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE THAT OCCURS IN SHIPPING. This is why we require insurance. No disbursements are made until after a claim is filed and completed in the case of loss or damage in transit. Shipping fees are not refundable.

Layaway: Layaway/Hold is available on some items. Terms are negotiated on an individual basis and require a minimum of 20% initial deposit and balance to be paid as agreed in a timely manner. Canceled or defaulted layaway/hold are subject to forfeiture of deposit. This is not negotiable. Breach of the terms of any layaway/hold forfeits any deposit given unless a case is made that The Global Knomad finds acceptable and reasonable. This is completely at our discretion so please contact us well in advance should you need to adjust payment terms. Never assume anything. We are running a business not a charity.

Special Orders: Special orders, or customized, or engraved goods are not refundable or returnable.