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So…here we go.  My first post!  I’ve just launched this website to cover all my travels and adventures.   As I make my way across the globe, I’ll be looking for the best shops and the best places to see and be seen in all the major cities (and some minor ones 😉 all over the world.

It’s my passion.  I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.  I remember when I was about nine years old and my parents and the kids went to Japan.  We landed in Tokyo and arrived at the hotel a few hours later.  As soon as we hit the lobby, I grabbed a business card, walked out the door, and went off on my own!  I was nine.  Needless to say my parents nearly had strokes.  I was gone for hours but, after I got tired of walking around, I found a taxi, showed him the card, and soon after arrived safely back at the hotel.  Of course I didn’t have money to pay him so he walked me inside and to my surprise I was greeted by my parents, the hotel manager, and a few Japanese police officers.  They were all looking for me!  I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about but they weren’t happy with my disappearance to say the least.

So there is a little insight as to how this little project has finally come to fruition all these years later.  I figured since I document all the places I go, things I see, objects and clothing I buy, I might as well share it with all of you.

I think that my experiences are unique because, for one, I am a man and I L-O-V-E to shop.  I mean really, truly, deep in my heart, love to shop.  I do it daily.  There aren’t a lot of guys out there that ride motorcycles, hunt, fish, mountain bike, and cross-country run all while obsessing about the latest PRADA backpack or Junya Watanabe lace-ups he saw!  Right?

Enjoy the trip and I hope that all my information and experience provides some insight and usefulness when all of you decide to pack your bags and make your way out of town.  I look forward to your feedback and comments and thank you for taking part in my experiences.

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