Take a Trip, shop, AND save money? No way!

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Yes, it’s true.  You can travel, do some serious shopping AND save money.  It all depends on how you go about it and what you decide to buy and where.  If you are a luxury-brand shopper and like to buy imported things such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Prada and other high-end European designer brands in the US, you can easily pay for your trip with the money you save buying IN Europe.  Especially, as of today, when the Euro has dropped almost 25% in the last six months from a high of 1.38 to around 1.13 today.  Let me give you an example.  Today I bought this gorgeous PRADA backpack.  You can find it here.


It cost me 2,200Euro which according to todays exchange rate is $2502.47.  I will get 12% back at the airport which brings the cost down to 1936Euro or about $2202.17.  The US retail price at the Prada shop in Beverly Hills is $3000.  Plus CA Sales Tax of 9% which brings the total to buy this bag in the US a staggering $3270!  By purchasing this bag in Euorpe I saved almost $1000!

Let me give you another example.  I recently bought another bag (yes, I love bags).  It was from the Japanese brand Master-Piece of which I am a big fan.  The quality is outstanding.  This is the bag and you can find it here:


The cost in Tokyo was 48,500 Yen which at the time, with the exchange rate of just about 110, it cost me approximately $440USD.  If I bought it today it would cost less as the rate of $/Yen is higher at almost 120 putting my cost at $406.63.  The only place you can even find this bag is at SSENSE at a price of $630USD.  Do the math.  It was almost 40% cheaper to buy it in Tokyo.

The Damier backpack at the top of the post will cost you 1734Euro or $1970 after taxes compared to the USD retail price of $2740 plus whatever sales tax is applicable in your state.  I bet you can’t believe this was possible.

I buy a lot of European and Japanese brands for my wardrobe.  I used to buy locally when things would go on sale or if I had a contact at a particular retailer.  Now, I travel to shop and shop to travel.  Many times I buy things overseas to resell at home and make a handsome profit.  It works and it’s true.  Also, the higher the US retail price, the more expensive or desireable the brand is in the US, the more likely you will save buying it overseas.  The Dollar is gaining strength which means now is the time to book your flight, pack your credit cards, and hit the shops running.  You’re welcome.

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1. Louis Vuitton USA  2.Prada USA  3. SSENSE.com


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