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Paris is a magical place.  From the L’ouvre to the Jardin des Tuileries and L’Arc de Triomphe across the river to La Tour Eiffel, Palace des Invalides and from St.Germain to Le Marais it’s all just magical.  I’ve been here no less than a dozen times and with each mile or km I walk back and forth over the same streets and alleys, I always see something new.  The mix of all the people from every race, ethnicity age and gender conflate to create an environment full of energy and excitement.  The languages of the street, the smells coming from the kitchens, the styles of clothing and make-up are all as diverse as the people themselves and they are what make Paris work.

Despite recent tragic events that occured here, Paris is still a safe and incredibly dynamic city with as much to offer as any city in the world.  If you haven’t been it should be in the top 5 of your “bucket list”.  Add it now! A bientot!




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