One of the best new fragrance brands around.

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I came across the amazing fragrance and the brand, Liason de Parfum by Nana de Bary, while cruising through Munich and then saw it again when I was in Paris.  At first sight, the name captured my attention so I thought to investigate a bit further.  There were actually several from this line and all had catchy names that I found fun and thoughtful.  “I Dare You”, “Stay With Me”, “Resist Me”, and “No Matter What” are the four fragrances that complete her line.  They are all amazing! I bought “I Dare You” because of the strong Amber base of this fragrance which is one of my favorites and works well for both men and women.  “Resist Me” has a more smoky, tobacco base but as it settles on the skin it reaches a very sexy and sophisticated note and I find it very appealing.  It, too, will work well for both men and women.    The other two are also very nice but at 125 Euro per bottle, I couldn’t buy them all!  The most feminine for sure, IMHO, is “No Matter What” with a stronger floral base than the others.  Very sexy but not really my style, ;-).  I bought them at SLIPS in Munich but you can find them online at the Liason website and several other retailers, just google them to find somewhere suitable for you.

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**images courtesy of Liason de Parfum


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