One of my top five best “gets” ever.

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I have been looking for this Samsonite Black Label trunk for almost 8 years.  Yes, 8 years, and that’s no lie.  I first came across Samsonite Black Label back in 2007 when travelling in Eastern Europe.  Samsonite was for a long time almost dead in the US but was thriving overseas and they had, and still have, many stand alone shops carrying some beautiful products.  The Black Label line was the top echelon of cases Samsonite made.  Unfortunately, it was not a commercial success and soon enough was pulled from the stores and wholesaled out to clearance houses and discount chains.




I saw this particular case in Warsaw, Poland.  It was sleek, sophisticated, elegant, and extremely well made. Further, this particular case was an exact replica once made by the Schwayder Trunk Mfg Co. of Denver Colorado back in the 1910.  Jesse Schwayder founded this company which was to become Samsonite a few decades later.

In addition, this particular case was  carry-on size and aesthetically one of the most beautiful and functional I had ever seen.  I just had to have it.  For one reason or another, I never bought one and when I decided I just couldn’t live without it, there was not one to be found anywhere.  And so the search began.   8 years later I found a New Old Stock one on ebay!  I grabbed it as fast as I could and I’ve been happy as a clam ever since.  It’s a stunning travel accessory and I have had numerous fellow travelers inquire about it.  Unfortunately for them, they too had to hear my story!


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