Munich. I just love munich…

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I’m here almost every month and I absolutely adore this town.  Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter Munich, Germany just has so much to offer.  It’s one of the more expensive cities in Western Europe to live but it’s location and access make it an invaluable hub for getting me to my favorite spots around Europe.   It has unparalleled access to France, Italy and Switzerland especially the mountain and lake regions of these countries.

Munich itself is abundantly green with the large Englischer Garten park centrally located in town abutting the Schwabing (University) area of the city.  While winter keeps the days short and limits most activities, in the park you see locals mountain bking, running, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.  In the warmer months, the park is filled with the residents sun-bathing and swimming in the creek which cuts through the park and is part of the Isar river.

Food, beer, outstanding artisan shopping, nightlife, and outstanding public transportation put Munich in my top-tier of cities of the world.

Please visit soon!


Englischer-Garten-Munich-2-850x566 munichatnight englischer_garten Caffe Vergnano Cafe, Leopoldstrasse Street, Schwabing district, Munich, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany Englischer-Garten-Munich-6-850x666


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