An absolute travel necessity…

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I love this product.  Travelling can be stressful but this little spray can take the edge off of even the most stressful travel day (or any day for that matter).  The “Be Cool” spray from Les Chochottes works wonders.  It’s a blend of six essential oils blended to be sprayed on the inside of the wrist and just inhaled normally.  It’s a bit peppery to my nose but I love the way it settles in my nose when I’m getting situated on the plane or after a hectic day in the city checking out all those shops!  You can find it here.


This is another product from Les Chochottes (which actually means “Sissy” in French)!  It’s a natural balm for achy and sore muscles.  It’s mixture of vegetal and essentail oils (Flax, Copaiba, Cajeput, Mint, Eucapytus, Cloves, Camphor and Ginger) which aids in reducing inflammation.  You can find the balm here.

I’m quite confident anyone who gives them a try will find them useful and beneficial especially if you, like me, suffer from achy calves and hips after a lot of walking or exercise.  I find them extremely pleasant and soothing.  Give them a shot!